Ao Nang Food Guide

If you are looking for delicious and cheap food, you will be certaintly delighted. There's a large choice of restaurants to choose from, particularly for western food - Italian pizza pastas, breads.

The restaurants are lined along the main beach road and they are fully packed during dinner time. Fresh seafood can be also found and prices are reasonable.

Chantal was obsessed with the mussels. Highly recommended Italian restaurant Azzurra Nova that serve great mussels and pizzas that are freshly baked from the oven.

Where to find cheap eateries?

ao nang food pancake

If you are not particular about food hygiene from roadside stalls, they are mostly very delicious and are certainly more authentic than those sold at restaurants. The roadside stalls are scattered along Ao nang beach main road.

After sunset, the open space between Ao nang beach and Nopparat Thara beach turns into a congregation of street hawkers.

We highly recommend a local snack like banana pancakes.

It is basically a freshly made crispy pancake that is used to wrapped around a central ingredient such as bananas, mangoes.

My favorite was the banana pancake. The cost is 15 baht for a plain pancake, 25 baht for added ingredients such as banana, cheese, onions, eggs, fruits etc. Toppings include sprinkled sugar, drizzled condensed milk and chocolate fudge. A definite must try! Yummy.

ao nang food bbq street hawker

The lady street hawker in front of McDonald's serve a high dose of adrenalin for BBQ lovers. The chicken drumstick is first tied to a pair of chopsticks and when you order, the lady will then barbecue the drumstick slowly until it is well done. ao nang food bbq drumstick

Once it is done, you can smell the aroma of charcoal grilled chicken. The meat is tender and juicy with slightly smoked flavor.

Wash it down with an ice cold Singha or Chang beer makes it a heavenly combination.

The BBQ chicken drumstick costs 60 baht or less than USD $2.

Where to find seafood restaurants?

Ao Nang beach main road is littered with numerous restaurants which offers delicious BBQ seafood fare during dinner time.

ao nang seafood lobster The road along McDonald's offer much more variety seafood and its much cheaper. Eden which is located at the beach front and Tanta's near Phra Nang Inn, both probably have the best ambience of all the restaurants in Ao Nang beach.

Some of the food served include BBQ Tiger Prawns, BBQ squid, slices of fresh barracuda.

Where to find local Pad Thai restaurants?

For those who are adventurous, you can try local Thai food. But be forewarn, most of their dishes are quite spicy and mean. Some of the local Thai restaurants we have tried.

Ao Nang Cuisine restaurant
Food is good, cheap and is one of the oldest restaurant in Ao Nang beach. Their house speciality - BBQ Chili Prawns, Tom Yam Khoon and Crab Meat Fried Rice. Do not expect much of their service as it is a no frills restaurant.

ao nang food salad Terrace Thai food
We went to a local restaurant that serves Thai food and ordered 'Tom Yam' soup which is spicy and sour and the infamous Thai pineapple rice.

We had also ordered a mango salad garnished with prawns. It was a wrong move as it was too sour for us to take it.

Overall it was a scrumptious and appetizing lunch. The meal costs less than 500 baht or around USD 16.

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