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Krabi is a major tourist destination in Thailand. It's actually not accurate,cycling on Krabi highway Krabi town is NOT a destination at all. Krabi town is just another Thai city with nothing much to keep you there for more then a day.

However, many tourist do stay at least a night in Krabi town because they arrive late and feel it's more relaxing to spend a night here then to hurry to Ao Nang, Shell Cemetery (Fossil Beach) or Khlong Muang Beach.

Cyclists do not have to worry about public transport. We have our own. I have cycled several times to Krabi and this page is a report of those journeys.


Surat Thani to Krabi

Surat Thani is a big town on the east coast of South Thailand and according to the road signs 211 km from Krabi. When I left Surat Thani I followed road 401 to Phuket. Along the road you will pass several National Parks which have basic accommodation available.

The first stop could be Khao Sok, one of the many National Parks in this region. You can stay in one of the bungalows at the lake site. You can kayaking on the lake and relax at the lake side.

After Khao Sok there other options to cycle to. Your first stop after Khao Sok, if you are intended to go to Krabi at least will be Ao Luk or if you can't make it, Thap Put, 16 km north of Ao Luk. Thap Put is a small town, nothing much to stay here. Ao Luk is much nicer. It is located in the middle of a small limestone mountain area and has a small hotel (right at the park entrance).

If you are intended to go to Phuket, take the junction at Thap Put. You can stay there or in Phang Nga (it's another 100 km to Phuket from Phang Nga)

Most of the journey from Surat Thani to Krabi is flat with the exception of the last 30 km or so to Ao Nang. Here are some slight hills but they are easy to conquer.

Satun to Krabi

Satun is a small town in the far south of Thailand. This is one of the entry points from Malaysia. The ferry takes bicycles so you can cycle all the way from Satun to Krabi. The journey takes several days.

Leaving Satun the first junction is at Chalong where you follow the direction to Trang. There are two possible stops on the way. Around 55 km from Satun is the layback village of Pak Bara where you can take a ferry to Ko Ta Ru Tao, one of the island National Parks.

There's a few questhouses but there's little to keep you here longer then a night.

The road going north is not very difficult though goes here and there slightly up and down. Your next stop could be Thung Wa, another sleepy town with a very basic hotel just outside the north of the town center. Trang is not far but if you don't want to visit Trang, you can take the junction to Kantang. Near the railway station in Kantang is a hotel.

Kantang is a reasonable sized town with an interesting market with a lively fish market. There is also a ferry crossing. If you take this one, you will follow the small road for a kilometer or so to the main road. Follow directions to Pak Meng. Along the way you will find some resorts but in Pak Meng you will find cheaper accommodation.

Pak Meng seems to be a popular beach in the weekends for the people from Trang. But during the weekdays it's usually very quiet.

Krabi is now within your reach although it's still over 100 km. However, unless you bring your own tent, you most likely have to do the distance in a day. It's not difficult although the last 50 km or so can be a little harder as the road keeps going up and down, never high, never difficult but after a whole day on the bicycle, it may hurt.

If you decide to visit Trang, you can still take the road to Pak Meng, just follow the directions out of Krabi to Kantang. Just outside the city, you will find a junction to Pak Meng, which is recommended as it is scenic and very quiet. Otherwise, follow the direction out of Trang on the north side to Krabi. This road is busier although the further you come from Trang, the more quiet it gets. It's not as scenic as the road through Pak Meng. Both roads come together 13 km north of Pak Meng.

On the way to Krabi you will pass two junction for a ferry to Ko Lanta. There's are resorts too although I haven't checked them.

The road from either Pak Meng or Trang will take the whole day so you may want to spend a night in Krabi town. Ao Nang is still another 15 km or so away.

Is it worth to cycle to Krabi?

The question of course is if it worth to cycle all the way. I did Satun-Krabi a few times and Surat Thani - Krabi once. Both roads are very nice, reasonable quiet roads and pleasant cycling. There may be more spectacular areas in Thailand to cycle but this road leads you through towns and villages the only tourist people here ever see are foreigners on bicycle. I found the people very nice and helpful. To me it was a rewarding part of the many journeys I did in south Thailand

Peter van der Lans is a traveler who now lives in Sitiawan, Malaysia. He has written 3 websites which are all an ongoing proces: (about Pangkor island where he lives nearby), (about his bicycle journeys from Europe to Asia) and (about a little town of Yangshuo right in the middle of the limestone mountains in south China.


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