Elephant Trekking in Krabi

Elephant trekking is the first segment of our day excursion tour. We arrived in the elephant camp after a thirty minutes drive from Ao Nang beach.

Where is it located?

The elephant trekking camp is located in the forest of Tumbon Khao Thong, Krabi. The elephant ride will take you through rubber plantations and the journey last for one hour.

elephant trekking with chantal

Chantal smiling nervously before going up the boarding tower

We had to access the top of the elephant through a boarding tower. There is a specially made sedan secured on top of every elephant.

elephant trekking boarding tower

View of the elephant boarding tower

The guide was helpful and assisted the group in boarding the elephant. Everyone waited for their turn as there is the maximun limit of two adult per elephant.The sedan seat is only wide enough to seat two adult person. An elephant guide was seating on top of its head, leading the elephant.

Shortly we were high up above the ground and heading into the rubber plantation with the swaying rhythm of the elephant's foot steps.

Our elephant was gentle and its mood was laid back. We were giggling to ourselves with excitement as the journey continue.

It was pretty intimidating to be able to ride so high up.

An average adult elephant grows to about four meters tall.

As the journey progressed, the seat was rocking to and fro with every step of our elephant.

However our fear slowly subsided as we noticed that our elephant guide was in full control.

But our hands remained tightly gripped on the sedan armrest, too afraid of falling off.

elephant trekking with sedan seats

In fact elephants are gentle in nature and we could even sense that our elephant was enjoying the jungle trekking too.

Throughout the journey, our elephant was distracted and busy exploring with its inquisitive nose, sniffing out flowers at the side.

Our elephant guide soon became exasperated as we are becoming too lagged behind. He kept coaxing it to follow the lead elephant. Our elephant was too busying enjoying the scenary to listen to him. We were laughing away at our elephant's cute behavior.

elephant trekking across river

While our elephant trekked into a small muddy stream, our elephant was also mischievous and kept playing with the water.

elephant trekking up the slope

Then we came to a very steep slope. We thought to ourselves that the elephant being so heavy, it would not be able to climb up the steep slope.

We were anxious, our hearts skipped a beat when our elephant guide prodded it to move. We held our breath and gripped the armrest even tighter than before.

Soon we were facing the sky at near angle of 45 degrees. It was heart stopping for a few minutes while we waited for our elephant to haul itself up the slope.

banana feeding  after elephant trekking

After the exhilarating elephant adventure, we can choose to feed bananas for the elephants at 20 Baht. The elephants simply love those bananas!

Where to book?

We booked our elephant trekking day trip with Unseen Excursion through our hotel front desk. You can always ask your hotel to make arrangements for you or you can compare prices at local travel agencies located at the Ao nang beach strip which is much cheaper.

We only found out that the prices are much cheaper at Ao nang beach area after we have booked through our hotel. You can bargain or enjoy great discounts for the day tour packages as the competition is much heated. Look out for the little tables setting up shop along the streets.

There are many packages to choose from with different activities bundled up together. Here are some of the packages:

A  Half  Day  Elephant + Sea  Cave (Morning/afternoon)

9.00  am. 2.00  pm.  And  2.00 pm. 6.00  pm.

  • 1 hour  elephant trekking
  • Visit pineapple  garden
  • Exploring Khao Khanab  Nam

Mangrove forest, fishing farm and fishing village and Testy Thai Food
(Tour  include : food  and drink)

Package B  Canoeing + Elephant  Trekking

Duration of the trip: 8.30  am - 4.00  pm

  • 1 hour elephant trekking
  • Canoeing  at  Ao Thalane
  • Lunch and break
  • Visit  Tha Pom and swimming

(Tour include : food  and drink)

Package C Jungle Tour + Elephant Trekking

Duration of the trip: 8.30 am. – 5.00 pm

  • One hour elephant ride though the forest
  • Exploring Tiger Cave Temple
  • Lunch with Thai style food
  • visit to a bird reserve and beautiful Crystal Clear Pool and enjoy a refreshing swim
  • Enjoy the Hot Springs natural spa

Prices range from 1750Bht/person for a half day tour. Single elephant ride cost 750 baht per person and 2 people ride on one elephant.

Our Next Stop- Tiger Cave Temple

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