Krabi attractions, activities and sightseeing

The activities you can do in Krabi can be separated into two categories: Land or Sea

Land Activities:

Take a look with us while we explore Krabi natural attractions

1) Krabi Hot Spring

This is one of the Krabi land activities that you must participate. Why? Do you love hot tub jacuzzi? Now you have the chance to experience the natural Krabi hot springs. See videos of Krabi hot spring.

2) Emerald Pool

Find out the secret location hidden away in nature reserves in Krabi, Thailand. You will be amazed by the intensity of the emerald hue water. Read information about getting to krabi emerald pool and things to bring and look out for. Come and join us for a dip now!

3) Elephant trekking

This is one of the most enjoyable back to nature tour we took in Krabi! Read about how our hearts were beating so fast when we were on riding on top of them. Experience for yourself up close and personal with these friendly giants. Don't worry they are well taken care of and protected by the Thailand Tourism Board.

4) Krabi Crystal stream

This is the most well kept secret in Krabi Thailand. Although it looks like an ordinary stream but it is more than meets the eye. Find out why we were so refreshed after jumping in for a swim.

5) Wat Tham Sueu (Tiger Cave)

This is a true story where a Buddhist monk wanted to mediate in the caves in the 1960s but to his horror discover tigers roaming around, hence the name 'Tiger Cave'.

Inside the cave there are discovery of tiger paw imprints.

You can climb 1,237 steps to reach the lookout point, where you’ll also find a huge sitting Buddha. fabulous views from the top of the karst peak.

Click here to see more pictures of the fabulous views Krabi has something for everyone, whether you are an active sports person, or a lazy beach bum. Its stunning scenery provides adventure in the form of rock climbing and kayaking; as well as pure relaxation with island-hopping cruises and laid back beach life.

Underwater enthusiasts will love the diving and snorkeling in Krabi's warm coastal waters, while nature lovers can visit elephant camps and explore the diverse flora and fauna in the national parks.

Sea Activities

Although Krabi beaches are not popular for watersports such as windsurfing and sailing,

1) Krabi Hong island tour

Join us while we go island hopping in the popular "5 Islands Hong island" tour. You will find yourself in a tranquil lagoon filled with turquoise colored water. You can watch our videos of Hong island lagoon. You definitely do not want to miss this part.

2) Krabi Sea Kayaking

Our kayaking adventure panoramic views of Krabi canyon and sea caves

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