Krabi Crystal Stream

Krabi Crystal Stream is located in Tha Pom, about 34 km from the Krabi town. The stream of Tha Pom is well known for its crystal clear water.

Krabi Crystal Stream is called by the local Thai people as Khlong Song Nam in Thai or literally "two water canal".

You will soon find out why Krabi Crystal Stream is so special.

Below is a picture of Krabi crystal stream and it is situated along swamp area and you could see mangrove trees growing besides the crystal stream.

It is certainty freezing even in the afternoon. You can enjoy swimming in the crystal clear fresh water stream or relaxing in the green and lush nature trail.

local people swimming at krabi crystal stream

Why is it so special?

Situated amidst mangrove and swamp forest, Tha Pom is home to an unique eco-system. This is because of its unique location where the seawater mix with freshwater during the high-tide period.

As our tour guide showed us the landing along the wooden trail which allows visitors to stop for a dip, we quickly took our clothes off and plunged in without further

cool refreshing swim at krabi crystal stream

Tha Pom Klong Song Nam Nature Trail

The natural forest trail of Tha Pom has a total length of about 700 metres and takes
around 45 minutes to complete.

There are boards along the way at Tha Pom to provide explanation on the relationships between the different species of animals and plants within this specific eco-system. At the end of the Tha Pom trail is a lookout tower where visitors can get a bird's eye view of the nature park.

Although the natural stream looks narrow but it is almost two meters deep.

The water is so clear that you can even see the bottom of the stream.

clear krabi crystal stream water

When we took a dip inside the stream, the water was cool and even chilling. It was invigorating and for a moment, you almost forgot where you are.

The swim at Tha Pom crystal stream marks the end of our Ao Thalane Kayaking Full Day Trip. We were truly exhausted yet enraptured by the day's exciting adventure.

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