Krabi Emerald Pool

Also known as 'Crystal Pool' or 'Sra Morakot' in Thai. This is an rich-hued natural pool at the center of the forest, filled with glistening clear spring water.

Where is it located?

Krabi emerald pool is situated in Khao Phra Bang Khram Nature Reserve. After walking a short nature trail for ten minutes, we reached the emerald pool.

krabi emerald pool greenish hue water

The area is forested and shady and at different times of the day, the color of the water changed to different hues.

When the water temperature is high, the water turns greenish blue; when the water temperature is low, it is pale green as you can see in the photos.

The crystal clear water is unsuitable for drinking due to its high calcium carbonate content.

krabi emerald pool tower

The radiant water is about 1.2 meters deep. After taking some quick pictures of the pool, we literally jump in.

The water was cool and felt thick due to the high content of calcium carbonate.

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The swim provides a great way to relax and relieve our tired body from our exhausting morning climb at Tiger cave temple.

krabi emerald pool greenish water

Please be careful when you are walking on the edges of the pool. It is very slippery because of high calcium carbonate deposits.

The best time of the day to see the real emerald color is in the early morning and you can also avoid the tourist crowd.

Notice the different variation of hues between the two pictures. One is light green and other is turquoise in color.

krabi emerald pool blue water

We were utterly seduced by the intensity of the pool's turquoise colored water. Even our tour guide could not resist the temptation as he changed into his swimming attire and leapfrogged into the emerald pool.

We swam for twenty minutes before our tour guide urged us to get to our next destination- natural hot spring

krabi emerald pool swimming

How to get there?

If you are the adventurous type, you can rent a motorcycle or car and take Highway No. 4 to Khlong Thom District and turn left to Route No. 4038 to Lam Hap Sub-district.

There is an park entrance fee of 20 Baht for Khao Phra Bang Khram Nature Reserve / Crystal Pool. Our park fees are included in the excursion package.

What to bring?

  • beach towel
  • swimming trunk/suit
  • wear light clothing
  • bermudas and sandals recommended

Where to book?

Another easy way out is to sign up for a Krabi day excursion package. Our trip to Krabi emerald pool is part of our day trip package where we get to see Tiger cave temple, Klong Thom Hot spring, emerald pool and elephant trekking.

You can book the day trips from the local travel agencies located in Ao Nang beach. There are many local tour agencies that offer day trips and prices are competitive.

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Our next stop-Krabi hot spring

After our refreshing swim in the emerald pool, we proceeded to Krabi hot spring in Klong Tom which is nearby.
The wonderful feeling of warm spring water massaging onto our body in Krabi hot spring.

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