Krabi Hot Spring in Klong Thom

Where is it located?

Krabi hot spring is around 70km from Krabi town and near the Khao Phra Bang Khram Nature Reserve,located right in the middle of the jungle

What can you do?

A visit to Krabi natural hot spring is a must. There are many hollowed-out 'bathtubs' which are caused by the running water from the thermal springs.

You can relax in one of the many natural hollows in the creek and watch the water gently cascade into the cool pools.

krabi hot spring picture

Enjoy your own natural "hot-tub jacuzzi" filled with running spring water at a pleasant 35°c-40°c.

Hear the unceasing flowing of warm spring water. Click 'play' button below to view a video of the hot spring. Remember to tune up your volume.

As we saw the spring water cascading, we found a spot and slowly submerged ourselves into one of the natural 'bath tubs'. We can feel the rushing warm water massaging onto our body. But be careful of slippery surface.

lazing in krabi hot spring

We placed our backs against the smooth rounded rocks, having a natural hydrotherapy bath that relieved stress and tension and soothed our aching muscles from the Tiger cave temple climb.

The pool area was shady and spending a long time there was tempting. We were advised not to exceed slots of 30 minutes in the warm water.

More Krabi Hot Spring Videos

Here are some videos of Krabi hot spring that will give you a much clearer picture.


How to go to Krabi Hot Spring?

You can either rent a car and go by yourself or book through tour agents located in Ao Nang beach.

How much to book?

We have booked our one day tour package for 1600 baht per person. The cost varies between local excursion tour operators depending on the number of places you are going.

Here is our one day itinerary:

Entrance Fee

There is an entrance fee of 90 Baht for the hot springs however it will be paid for if you book through a tour agent in Krabi.

Useful Tips:

  • Remember to shop around for prices and book your one day package through tour agencies located in Ao Nang beach area. You will amazed by the bargains you will picked up.

  • Please do not book your Krabi day tour package through online websites, they are OVER-PRICED!

What to bring?

  • towel
  • swimsuit
  • sandals

Our visit to the hot spring is the last stop of our day tour.

Miss out anything?

Click here to see resplendent Krabi emerald pool pictures if you have missed out our trip to the nearby 'Emerald Pool'. Also known as Crystal Pool or 'Sra Morakot' in Thai.

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