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After looking at so many beautiful brochures' photos of Krabi beaches and the fact that both of us love to laze around, we decided to opt for the five-island Hong Island tour. which spend a full day exploring Hong Island in the Andaman Sea.

Hong island is great for lazing around soft and white sandy beach and getting a nice tan. You can also hit the clear blue water for some swimming and snorkeling possibilities.

krabi hong island beach

Krabi island tour is a must for sightseeing and the most popular island tour trip: five-island Hong Island tour which takes you to five beautiful islands Hong Island, Lading Island, Pakbia Island, Rai Island and Daeng Island in a pristine part of the Tharnbok Khoranee National Marine Park.

Hong Islands

Ko means island and Hong means room therefore Ko Hong means "Room Island"

Ko Hong consists of both large and small islands. The main ones are: Laga or Saga Island, Lao Riem Island, Pakbia Island and Lao Lading Island. These islands have great hollows inside them. Koh Hong is the largest island. It is a rocky island with coral formations in both shallow and deep water, which are great for diving, swimming, and kayaking.

We hopped on to the speedboat and the first stop of the five island tour was Daeng Island. Daeng Island is nothing more than a rock outcrop surrounded with reefs. The greenish water was clear and you can even see the fishes from the picture below. We went snorkeling but the sad thing is that there are no live corals.

krabi Lading Island tour

Next, we reached Hong Island the main attraction of this five island tour. Koh Hong has only one beach named Pelay Beach

Pelay Beach is surrounded by limestone rock formations which give you a 'deserted island' experience.

In the middle of the island, there is a large lagoon with a small passageway to the sea. When the tide is high long tail boats are able to enter the 'room' and visitors can swim in around in crystal clear water with a depth of around one metre.

krabi hong island beach lagoon

By now it was lunch time, our tour guide has packed our lunch which consist of simple Thai rice with vegetables and meat. Sweet Thai pineapples were also freshly served as desserts.

We tucked into our lunch heartily, a much needed replenishment from our snorkeling activities

krabi hong island suntan

After a fulfilling lunch, my wife Chantal and I laid our towels to soak in the sunshine. Time seem to stood still while we laze around Hong island beach. The sun was shining brightly and with the gentle sea breeze blowing, you will feel relaxed and tranquil.

krabi hong island fishes

We could also see the fishes swimming a few feet away from the shoreline. With a burst of enthusiasm, Chantal grabbed some bread and started a fish feeding frenzy.

Hong Island Lagoon

krabi hong island lagoon

One hour later, our tour guide beckoned us back to our speedboat as we were going to the other side of Hong island to check out the lagoon.

If you had been to Koh Phi-Phi, you will find it similar except that the lagoon was totally enclosed by cliffs and thick mangrove trees.

krabi hong island emerald water

Once we entered into the large natural lagoon, we could see calm, translucent emerald water which is relatively shallow.

The lagoon is surrounded by tall majestic limestone cliffs and shrouded in complete silence. It exudes peace and tranquility.

Only the sounds of our speedboat motor will break the magic tranquility.

Click below to view my video of our speedboat leaving Hong Island lagoon

The feeling of peacefulness was one of the best moment as we slowly glided through the opening of the lagoon and back into the open sea.

How to get there?

the islands in the Ko Hong group can be reached within twenty minutes from Ao Nang beach by speedboat or 45 minutes by longtail boat.

Depart from Ao Nang beach and Railay beach

Our 5 Hong Island Day Tour Itinerary

  • life jacket provided
  • Mask and snorkel provided
  • packed lunch
  • mineral water and fresh fruits
  • pickup and transfer to your hotel

What to bring?

  • towel
  • suntan lotion at least SPF 20
  • swimsuit
  • sandals

How much does it cost?

Depending on whether you are taking longtail boat or speedboat.Longtail boat will be much cheaper but it takes a longer time.

We choose speedboat for our 5 island tour and it cost us 1200 baht per person.

Longtail boat = 550 baht or USD18

Speed boat = 1200 baht or USD39

(anything more than 1300 baht is considered expensive)

Where to book?

You can book through the local tour agencies located at Ao Nang Sunset beach.

Useful Tip:
Do not book any of your island tour through the hotel you are staying as you can get great discounts just by shopping around.

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