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krabi map overview

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Krabi province in Thailand includes some of the most famous beach destinations on tourist map.

Krabi province area includes the Phi Phi islands, Ao Nang resort area, Railay Beach peninsula, Koh Lanta and Krabi town.

Geography of Krabi maps

Where is Krabi?

Krabi lies southwest of Phuket on the Andaman coast. When people talk about Krabi, they often refer to the entire province.

krabi town map

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Krabi town serves as the administrative center. There are nothing much to see in Krabi town except the night markets and few small departmental stores.

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Krabi map - Ao nang

Most tourists head for the popular Ao Nang beach where you can find wide range of services and accommodation.

krabi map ao nang

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Ao nang beach offer cheap and friendly tourist services and a more laid back atmosphere compared to Phuket.

Ao nang beach is the spring board for trips to the offshore islands and magnificent white sandy beaches.

There are ferries to Phi Phi islands which is about two hours away by long tail boat, 40-50 minutes by speed boat.

Ferries also depart from Krabi town for Koh Phi Phi and Koh Lanta.

Krabi map - Railay beach peninsula

krabi map railay

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As you can see from the Railay map, you'll notice the famous Railay peninsula. Railay beach is made up of three beaches namely Ao Railay west,Ao Railay east and Phranang cave beach.

Here are the attractions and resorts situated in Railay beach peninsula

Ao Railay West

  • Railay Beach Club Resort
  • Railay Village Resort
  • Sand Sea Resort
  • Railay Bay Resort

Longtail boats from Ao nang beach will stop by Ao Railay West.The journey from Ao nang beach to Ao Railay West takes about twenty minutes.

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Ao Railay East

  • Yaya resort
  • Diamond private resort
  • View point resort
  • Diamond cave bungalow
  • Anyavee Railay resort

Longtail boats from Nammao Pier will stop by Ao Railay East.

The newly discovered Phranang cave Nai is located at Ao Railay East.

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Phranang cave beach

  • Rayavadee Premier Resort

Why Railay beach is the most popular

The Railay map does not reflect the actual terrain.

Railay beach is surrounded by karst cliffs that cut these gorgeous beaches off from the rest of the mainland.

Railay beach is quite popular among tourists as it is ideal for a quiet day trip.

A 90 minute ferry ride south of Krabi is Koh Lanta,

This is a quieter (though still popular) alternative to Ao Nang. The world famous Phi Phi islands are stuck out in the Andaman sea, reached by an hour-long speed boat ride.

Northwest of Krabi on the map is the stunning Pha Nga Bay sandwiched between Phuket and Krabi province, and it provides a photogenic seascape typified by hundreds of karst islands and pillars.

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