Krabi Sea Kayaking

You must try Krabi sea kayaking. Krabi provides the perfect environment for sea kayaking because Krabi's coastline consist of small coves and fascinating cave systems.

What can you see?

Krabi has the most fascinating limestone scenery which are called 'rooms' or 'hongs' in Thai.

Many of the hongs reveal hidden interior lagoons and mysterious limestone sea caves which can only be accessed at low tide through kayaking.

Kayaking provides a perfect way to explore these unique places, allowing quiet access to some of these very special places.

Before we even reached Krabi, we was told by our friends that we must try kayaking which will allow us to paddle through pristine nature into the maze of mangroves forests.

Ao Thalane Kayaking Full Day Trip

The journey from Ao Nang beach to Ao Thalene took half an hour. After we had arrived, there were also other tourists like us assembling at the starting point.

Sit tight and follow our kayaking adventure...

krabi sea kayaking canoe

We waited in anticipation while an experienced guide gave us instructions on the basics of kayaking.

Both of us were given a two seater kayak and we were divided into small groups. We could feel the swell of excitement inside.

We set off and paddle around the outskirts of the canyons.

krabi kayaking near mangrove

Next we could see mangrove trees lining beside the canyons.

If you are lazy to paddle yourself, you can choose to hire someone to paddle for you for 300 baht.

krabi kayaking besides limestone cliff

As we paddle along, we got really close to the limestone cliffs which looked rocky and sharp.

The sea level erodes and undercut the limestone cliffs over time thus forming unique formations.

krabi kayak through mangrove

Soon our kayaking guide led us to the back of the canyons. The passageway was tight and it is sandwiched between mangrove forests and the canyons.

Along the way, we were struggling to maneuver our kayak and kept bumping at the mangrove trees.

We had a hard time keeping up with the kayaking group.

Click below to play our short video clip

Fortunately the water has no strong currents, you can paddle and glide with much ease.

You can also feel the calm and tranquility inside the Krabi canyon.

krabi sea kayaking with monkey

Did you know that monkey can swim? Boy was I shocked. We had brought some bananas and the monkeys sensing the food, dived into the water immediately and hopped onto our kayak.

Guessed what did they do next? Those monkeys searched our bags and helped themselves to the fruits without a hint of regard to your presence! Talk about monkeying around!

So if you are going kayaking, please take care of your belonging.

krabi kayaking in the sea caves

We proceeded on and we arrived and saw sea caves. Over many years of sea erosion, we could even paddle our kayak right into the canyons.

What a sight!

krabi kayaking inside sea cave

We can see huge stalactites which are formed by the dripping of mineralized solutions and the deposition of calcium carbonate.

After two hours of paddling inside the canyon, we finally headed back. We were exhausted and hungry. Lunch is included was provided.

The adventure has not ended, as we are headed to a place called Tha Pom where we can have a refreshing swim in a natural stream.
Join us for a cool and refreshing swim at unique Krabi crystal stream

What to bring?

  • Swimwear,
  • extra set of clothes,
  • towels,
  • sunscreen,
  • camera,

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