Krabi Shopping?

Yes it exists in Ao Nang beach!

krabi shopping for seashells

Krabi shopping in Ao Nang beach means looking at street vendors selling little knick knacks such as trinkets and accessories.

You could be also browsing along beachfront shops selling Thai silk scarves, carved wooden objects, silver jewellery, sarongs and leather goods.

We found out that accessories are similar and much cheaper in Bangkok than in Ao Nang beach Krabi.

Beachfront Shops

Ao Nang main beach road has beach front shops among the wide variety of restaurants. Many of them sell mostly the same kind of stuff. Beach wear, surf shorts, t-shirts, bikinis, toys...

However you can find beach essentials such as sunblock lotion, beach mat which are useful when you go to island hopping trips to nearby islands.

Highly recommended
This is a must have if you are going for sea kayaking day trip to see the Krabi canyons. This water proof bag is useful for keeping your personal items dry especially your camera or video camera.

krabi shopping for dry bag
Ocean Pack 5 Karana Travelgear
Material: Tarpaulin PVC
Dimension: 19cm x 38 cm
Volume: 5 litres

There are other sizes as well 10L, 20L, 30L and 40L. Look out for other cheaper imitations.

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We bargained real hard and bought it for 350 baht only to find it cheaper right down the street.

It certainly pays to shop around and compare prices first!

T-shirts and surf shorts can be up to 250 baht and bikinis about 400 baht.

Krabi shopping for tourist souvenirs

krabi shopping for buddha figurines

Choice of handicrafts tend to be similar to Bangkok so it makes no difference where you buy.

You are likely to find wood carvings from Chiang Mai among coconut shell jewelery from Krabi in local souvenir stores.

Prices in the tourist beaches of Ao Nang and Railey beach tend to be a bit higher than in Krabi town. You can either make a day trip to Krabi Town or be prepared to bargain hard.

Word of advice
If you intend to buy any tourist items such as T-shirts and shell objects from any of the gift shops in Ao Nang beach, you must bargain hard.

Bargain for what you want as you will find differences in the prices for same item in different shops.

From the start, you must state your price at 45% off their initial asking price.

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Vogue department store in Krabi town

krabi shopping at vogue department

Vogue Dept Store- This is the only proper department store in Krabi. You can grab some genuine brand name clothes like Levi’s, Guy Laroche, Adidas and accessories in the Vogue department store.

The price can be up to half the price at home, as well as some good quality local brands.

However the clothes designs are not very up to date.

Actually if authenticity is not a problem to you, cheaper copies of top designer goods are widely available in Ao Nang beach areas.

There is a bookstore in the Vogue Dept store that sells current English language DVDs, music CDs at reasonable prices. There is also a small supermarket, a KFC outlet - Kentucky Fried Chicken and Swensen's ice cream.

Krabi night market in Krabi town

There are also two popular night markets. One on Maharaj Soi 8 just around the corner from Thaimit Tours and the other on the river front at Khongkha Road.

A night market in Krabi town consisting of several stalls. It's out in the open by the roadside. But the fresh produce on sale is dirt cheap.

krabi shopping for pineapples

krabi shopping for bananas

Pineapple - Juicier and not as sharp tasting as those found in other part of Asia.

Banana - taste sweet and natural definitely without pesticides

Krabi shopping for tailor shops

krabi shopping for tailors

There are many tailor shops and silk shops that are targeted at tourists so its very hard not to missed them.

Due to the intense competition, most of the salesman come out of their shops and hawk their services along the Ao nang main beach street.

You might find it irksome when you are constantly bombarded by their pushy salesmanship when you walk past their shops.

What do the tailor shops offer?
The tailor shops offer different colors of silk; Thai silks, Chinese silks and the prices range from 600 baht to 900 baht per meter.

You can also find stocks linen, wool, cashmere, and cotton fabrics. You can choose which fabric you want and turned it into specifically tailored suits, jackets, pants, and shirts.

If you are in need of business suit, these tailor shops can get the job done.

Word of advice
Do not go for packages that include a suit, shirts, ties for a set price because you will rarely get good quality materials.

You can also bring a photo of your favorite designer wear and make your dreams come true.

Krabi shopping for antiques

krabi shopping for wood cravings

You can find rattan and rosewood furniture, antiques in the Ao nang main beach.

Some of the display items such lamps, boxes, and vases are etched and layered with metal.

These are called Nielloware which is a traditional Thai craft.

There is a huge beach stall that sells Zen like buddha furniture, paintings, wood cravings.

It is located beside La Casa, a pizza restaurant at Ao Nang beach main road .

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