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Krabi Town is located in Muang district and is the provincial capital.

There are banks and ATM machines at every street corner. The night and morning markets are good places to pick up cheap, tasty Thai local snacks, as well as fresh tropical fruit.

There is the largest departmental store in Krabi town, Vogue Departmental store. Click here to know more about krabi shopping

Krabi town map pier

Passenger Port of Krabi
Port of Krabi is located at Tharue Road where you can board boats to Koh Lanta and Phi Phi Islands.

Transfers to the pier will be included if you buy your boat ticket in advance from tour agent in Krabi town.


Krabi town map amenities


If you want to post mail back to your own country, Krabi town Post Office is located on Utarakit Rd.



Krabi town map security

The security of krabi town is tight as the Krabi town police station is further along Utarakit Road.



Krabi town Bus Station


The tourist bus station can be found on Hemthanon Rd - this where most of the buses to and from Ko Samui and Ko Phangan terminate. The government bus station is further out of town on Sri Phang Nga Road.

Krabi town Bus Terminal contact telephone number 0-7561-1804

Krabi town Convenience store

There are two 7-11 convenience stores located along Krabi Road
One 7-11 convenience store at Maharad Road



Krabi town Night markets

Maharaj market is located at Krabi Town center near Railay Hotel
Night market is located at Maharat Road Soi 10



Hotels in Krabi town

  • Krabi Royal Hotel is located at Nakomtum Road
  • Riverside Hotel is located at Tagoathung Road
  • Hamtanon Holiday Inn is located at Hemthanon Road
  • Railay Hotel, City Hotel and GreenHouse Hotel is located right at heart of Krabi town center at Maharat Road Soi 10
  • Boon Siam Hotel is located along Chokhun Road
  • Krabi Loma Hotel is located at Chaofa Road
  • Krabi River Hotel is located at Khongkha Road
  • Krabi City Seaview Hotel is located at Khongkha Road
  • Maritime Park & Spa Resort is outside of Krabi Town center, further north of Khao Khanab Nam Cave
  • Greenery Hotel is located at Maharad Road

Krabi town guest houses

  • Thara Guesthouse is located at Khongkha Road
  • BaiFern Guest House is located at Chaofa Road



Krabi town Hospital and Clinic

  • Krabi hospital is located at Uttarakit Road
  • Ear and Nose Clinic is located at junction between Maharad Road and Luangpho Road

Krabi town Recreation

There is a Krabi Bowling Club located along Rodboun Road



Car Rental in Krabi Town

Krabi Friendly Tour & Car Rental is located opposite Krabi District Office, also along Chaofa Road



International Airway Office in Krabi town

Bangkok Airway is located near Maharat Road Soi 6
Thai Airway Office is outside of Krabi town center along Uttarakit Roadopposite of Krabi Royal Hotel



Immigration Office in Krabi town

Krabi town Immigration Office is located in Krabi town center near City Hall oppositeChaofa Road


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