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Motorcycle taxis

krabi transportation motorbike taxi

This is not your regular tuk-tuks you find it Bangkok. Krabi-styled tuk tuk are small motorcycle which are fitted with a side carriage.

How much?
In Ao Nang beach, you can hop on a tuk-tuk for a flat rate of 20 baht per person.

You can hitch a tuk tuk ride anywhere for short trips around Ao Nang beach or to Krabi town.

Motorcycle rental

krabi motorbike rental

If you are the adventurous type, you can rent a motorcycle for sightseeing trips.

It is much cheaper and exciting than day excursions organized by tour agencies.

Krabi motorbike rental is the best way to explore Krabi and there are many bikes available for rent in Ao Nang beach.

You can explore popular tourist spots like Wat Tham Sueu or Tiger Cave temple.

You can also enjoy the feeling of warm spring water massaging onto your body in Krabi hot spring or take magnificent pictures of rich-hued natural pool called Krabi Emerald pool

The roads are in good condition and not much traffic except in Krabi town.

I have rented a motorcycle for three days and it is easy to ride as there is no need for gear change. Highly recommended for those with motorbike experience.

krabi motorbike rental refuel

How much?
Motorcycle rental in Krabi only costs 150 Baht to rent a bike for a day but you have to pay for your own gasoline.

A full tank cost about 100 Baht.

Some motorbike rental need you to pay a deposit to insure against the theft of their motorcycles.

Word of advice
When you take over the motorbike, the vendor would most probably give you enough petrol to last you to the next "refueling point".

Please do not be like us, Chantal and I was stuck with a empty tank and I had to push the motorbike! Fortunately we found a small refueling stop.

Please wear a safety motorcycle helmet when you are riding.

Where to top up?
There are small huts along the small road leading to the highway. These small huts are refueling points as there is no petrol stations at Ao Nang beach area. A proper petrol station could only be found at Krabi town.

Longtail boats

krabi longtail boatLongtail boats operate regularly between Ao Nang beach and Railey beach. You can also depart from Ao nang beach to nearby islands like Phi Phi island.

The longtail boats will leave when there are enough passengers aboard which normally seat 8 persons.

Longtail boats do not operate year round subject to weather conditions.

How much for longtail boat tickets?
Longtail boat ticket cost a flat rate 80 baht/person during the day, 100 baht/person at night for the trip from Ao nang beach to Railey beach.

You can also charter a longtail boat with the boatman for your island tours. Cost may be around 1700 baht and you can negotiate the price.

Where to buy longtail boat tickets?
You can buy tickets for the longtail boats at the ticketing booth opposite Phra Nang Inn.

Boat from ko-lanta to krabi 390bt includes transfers. Princess ferry company

Rai Leh West is a 10 minutes longtail ride for around 150 bahts per person.

Ko Poda is half hour away which has a perfect beach and soft sand. A definite must!

Songthaew (taxi truck)

krabi transportation taxi truckSongthaew is the name for a pick-up truck that is converted into a taxi service.

Songthaew runs from Ao Nang beach to Krabi town, and operate up to 10pm in high season.

There are designated stops along Ao nang beach main road but you can hop on or off almost anywhere.

If you’re not close to a bus stop, you can stand by the side of the road and flag one down

Word of advice
krabi transport taxi truckSongthaews are colour coded according to destination so make sure if you are coming to Ao Nang from Krabi you get on a white one.

You cannot miss it as they hoot at you when driving around its route and it takes around 25 minutes to reach Krabi Town.

How much?
The fare is 50 baht and they can be expected every 15-20 minutes.

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Local bus

krabi transportation busBuses constantly run from Krabi Town to Ao Nang beach and the journey takes about 30 minutes.

How much?
The bus from Krabi town cost 20 Baht.

Local buses also shuttle between major areas in the Krabi province, from the bus station just outside of Krabi Town at Talat Kao.

Krabi Airport Shuttle Bus to Krabi Bus Station

The price of the shuttle bus from the Krabi airport to Talat Kao - the bus station - is 80 baht.

Krabi Airport Shuttle Bus to Krabi Town

The airport bus costs 90 baht.

Car rental in Krabi

Car rental in Krabi is also comfortable option if there are a few of you to share the cost - prices for an average 4WD can start from around 1200 baht per day, including insurance and with unlimited mileage. A few hundred Baht extra will get you a better maintained vehicle with an international company such as Budget or National.

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Taxi from Krabi Airport

If you have not arrange with your Krabi hotel for pick up at the airport, you can use the Krabi airport taxi. These are regulated taxi around Krabi Airport so it is safe. You can pay the listed fare at the taxi counter at the Krabi International Airport arrival hall.

How much?
One way ride from Krabi Airport to Ao Nang beach cost THB 500 baht. The journey takes around 30-40min.

Taxis from Krabi Airport to Krabi town cost THB 400 baht.

Tip: Avoid the touts hovering outside the Krabi airport.

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